Kitchen renovation cost guide

Most people in Auckland want to renovate their kitchen because their old kitchen does not suit their family’s lifestyle. Some kitchens are too old and shabby while others are just not functional. New Kitchen cost in NZ can range from $18,000 to $120,000 depending on many factors.

However, not everyone has a $100,000 budget to renovate a new kitchen. Most people want a simple upgrade and are only willing to spend between $18,000 to $30,000 for a new kitchen.

For the purpose of this article, we will explore kitchen cost options if you are renovating with a renovation company in Auckland and not DIY kitchens. When renovating with a renovation company your quotes will most include the cost for all fixtures, renovation materials, project management, council permits if any, all trades like plumbers, electricians, tilers, builders, installers, carpenters etc and project management. This section of our article will explore how to renovate a new kitchen on a budget. This is possible if the kitchen renovation is planned well and if your kitchen designer has a good knowledge of the renovation materials available today.


An average cost to renovate your kitchen in 2021 is approximately around $28,908. However, if you are creating your dream kitchen then you can expect to spend between $25,664 to $31,256. The total cost of a kitchen will depend on the cost of cabinets, appliances, countertop, flooring, quality of materials, labour and if there is a change in layout.

Average Range Minimum Cost Average Cost Maximum Cost
$25,664 to $31,256. $16,832 $28,908 $173,880

1.Items in the kitchen cost  

The cost for a kitchen renovation will depends on what you want in your kitchen. If you see the table below, the table will show you how much you can expect to spend on each item of your kitchen. This breakdown will help you see your estimated spending cost and is a good guide for budgeting your renovation.

Item Budget % Average Cost
Cabinetry 28% $9,039
Installation & Labour 18% $5,695
Appliances 15% $4,678
Countertops & Backsplash 11% $3,381
Flooring 7% $2,2771
Lighting 5% $1,449
Painting 5% $1,587
Windows & Doors 4% $1408
Designer 3% $994
Plumbing 3% $1007
Other 1% $428

2.Cost for renovating a kitchen per square meter.

On an average homeowner spend about $2,300 square meter for their kitchen. You might think that $207 is a very high number but this is only an average. The starting price per square meter is $1,533 and people doing high-end kitchen renovations might spend as much as $4167 per meter.  Before you start your renovation, it is wise to ask a few questions to yourself.

  1. What exactly do you want to do with the available space?
  2. What do you want to get out of this renovation?
  3. What part of the kitchen do you want to renovate? Also, think about what parts would you like to leave and do not want us to touch.
  4. What special features are you considering adding to your new kitchen space?
  5. Are you going to keep your kitchen layout the same, or do you to make some changes?
  6. What style do you want your kitchen to be?
  7. Lastly, now think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend on that dream kitchen of yours?

If you want to add value to your home, you might want to think about your budget. The industry recommends spending between 5% – 15% of the value of your home on a kitchen renovation if your intention is to sell.

3.Basic, Mid-range, Luxury kitchen remodel guide

Basic Level Mid-range Level Luxury Level
$16,560 – $28,980 $32,000 – $88,320 Up to $173,880
• No change in layout
• Restoring and painting existing cabinet doors
• New cabinets possible if the kitchen is small or mid-range materials used.
• Modern countertops
• Laminated floorings
• Laminated benchtop
• Repairing lights
• DIY kitchen renovation
• Change in Layout possible
• Custom-made cabinetry & doors.
• Paint including
• Organized storage
• Cabinets with built-in bins
• Custom-built pantry with pull out drawers.
• Smart Kitchen features
• Engineered Stone countertops, marble, quartz, and glass.
• Tiled flooring
• Designer Splashback
• Appliances included
• All trades included
• Project management
• Extensive change in layout
• New Plumbing
• Re-wiring
• Marble floorings, Timber, or designer tiles
• Brand-new appliances
• High-quality Countertops
• Modern Lighting
• Smart kitchen features
• Organized storage
• Drawers and cabinets with built-in bins
• Custom-built pantry with pull out drawers.
• Project management
• All trades included

4.How much do Renovation Companies charge you?

Renovation Service Average Cost
Electrical $3,450 – $6,624
Plumbing $4,140- $8,280
Design consultation $552 – $4,830
Cabinetry $4,140 – $11,040
Appliances $3,450 – $12,420
Flooring $1,518 – $7,590
House Permits/approvable $138 – $1,242
Reface Cabinets $1,518 – $12,420
Repair Countertop $110.40 – $2,208
Brand-new Countertop $1,242 – $6,900
Splashback $552 – $828
Painting $1,380 – $3,450
Hardware $207 – $1,656
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