Renovation Process.

At Freestyle Interior, we can take you through the entire process of home renovation.

We want to spend the time with you or work alongside your architect to achieve a renovation project that will incorporate functional spaces and innovative solutions unique to your needs. Ensuring you get everything that you want in your home, while keeping within your budget.

Why Renovating?

Home renovation projects, whether on a small or large scale, are important because they come with different benefits. It does not matter whether the renovation is for two rooms, just a room, or the entire building; it is certain that at the end of the project, your home will feel different, fresh, and new.

  • Increased Property Value
    Whether it is a remodel of a home you just purchased, or perhaps a renovation of an existing home to fit your needs for the present or the future, it is always a sensible investment and contributes to the appreciation of the property’s value.
    Furthermore, a sense of accomplishment is provided, because a renovation has the ability to improve the size, layout, or design, in order for the space to be functional, and also meet your needs.
  • Renovate for a Custom Lifestyle
    There are different reasons for a renovation; perhaps you want special features added to your room, an office, game room, or workout room. There are several other reasons, as you can renovate in order to match your lifestyle; hence, the living spaces can come with special features, which can increase their value if put up for sale.
  • Reduce Maintenance and Utility Costs
    Among the other benefits that come with remodeling a home, another important benefit is the fact that the maintenance and utility costs could enjoy some considerable reduction. Home repair costs often increase significantly when maintenance is ignored or postponed too long. Addressing a home improvement project when there is a problem will save you from paying higher repair expenses. Replacing windows, doors or siding will result in greater security lower heating and cooling costs. When you replace outdated and insufficient insulation with newer and more efficient materials, your energy savings will be substantial over time too.

What to prepare?

If you want to get a home renovation project that is successful, you need to plan it properly, from the color you prefer to the total budget needed for the projects, the appropriate time frame, and also picking a professional who can handle the job.

  • Determine your budget
    It is important that you have a budget, and it does not matter whether the money is little or not; you need to be able to figure out the amount needed, in order for you to allocate the funds appropriately. If you intend to make major renovations on your house with more money than you may have on hand, check with the bank whether you can apply for a loan for this.
  • Get a realistic scope of the project
    With your budget in mind, figure out what you want to see completed. Keep a careful eye on how your budget will fare with each task you hope to complete – staying mindful of the cost of materials, equipment, and labor. The bigger the project, the more likely the equipment and labor required will change as well.
  • Interview professionals
    Whether only part of your renovation requires a skilled helping hand or you’d prefer that a pro take on the entire project, call professionals well in advance to get a timeline, description of the work required and quote for the cost.
  • Prepare an Alternate Space for Your Kitchen
    Figuring out how to go about your daily life during a renovation can be tricky, especially for those of you who have children and pets. The kitchen area in particular always adds an extra dimension of difficulty during a remodel. Setting up a standby kitchen area with food-prep essentials to get you by is one of the best things you can do. If you have a basement, this could be a good place to set up a temporary kitchen, if not a dining room or spare room work just as well.
  • Store Your Belongings
    Having to move things out of the way during a remodel can often be an afterthought that causes unnecessary stress. Take a moment to think through where you can store all the things you have to move out of your space. Keep valuables, fragile items and anything sensitive to dust as far away from the construction zone as possible.

Consultation & Quote.

We offer free consultations when you fill our form or give us a call on 0800 777 857, and we have designers on hand that will take care of your requests, including providing you with a detailed brief about the proposed project.

One of our experienced designers will meet up with you for an obligation-free initial consultation. The first step of your renovation project is a detailed brief. This is not a floor plan but a document that outlines your requirements, your design ideas, detailed site measurements, building conditions, and safety issues.

Allow about 45 minutes for this initial meeting and expect a detailed and fixed cost quote within 4 business days.

During the consultation, we’ll be running through the following:

  • Vision
    What is your vision for your renovation? Write a list of needs—more effective cooking space; loads and loads of closet space, etc., and then prioritize.
  • Timeframes
    When to start, how long it will take, any possible holdups and how we can avoid them.
  • Council
    What consents you will need, how we can help you get them, and how the process will work.
  • Pricing
    What sort of costs you can expect and what type of contract will best suit you and your project, whether you are tapping into your home’s equity or using savings to spruce up your space, you need to be clear about your budget.
  • Project management
    This involves knowing what the project entails and who is in charge of the different parts.

Project starts.

After going through the steps above, and are convinced that you want to go through with the project, the next step will be to book the date you intend for the project to begin. Throughout the build stage, you will receive weekly progress updates, including any changes we have to take into consideration. You can rely on us to navigate any challenging issues.

Your dedicated project manager will be your go-to person throughout the entire construction stage. There will be no need to chase up tradesmen – that is our job, and we can guarantee that we do it well.

By engaging our project management services, we can oversee your development throughout the construction phase, to ensure your projects run smoothly and without hassles.

We take away any uncertainty or stress individuals feel when completing their building projects in Auckland. From getting a new kitchen designed to getting our experienced renovation builder to do a small home renovation, we always ensure it is organized with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Renovation completed.

After we are done with the renovations, we will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final result before wrapping up the project.

  • Together we will do a project pre-completion walk through to identify and agree on any remaining details required to call your project complete.When we are done, the project completion documents will get signed.
  • After construction is complete, your warranty period will begin.
  • We supply you with a project packet which includes project warranty and care information for all of your materials.
  • We will then ask you if we have earned the right to be referred to others by you.
  • We will also ask if you would help us by providing a written testimonial or review.
  • A full clean up finishes the construction process, leaving you with the pristine home of your dreams.
  • We provide before & after images for your records.

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