Regardless if your project entails DIY bathroom remodeling or custom bathroom contractor services, trendy home bathroom remodeling ideas are something a homeowner just can’t have too much of.

Hot New Bathroom Trends

The hottest trends for high-end bathroom construction and modern home bathroom designs paint a more versatile picture than years past. Gone are the restraints of the bathroom only dècor. Trends in modern home bathroom designs include a pinch of designer appeal, mixed with a healthy dose of space-efficiency, spiced with a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. For home bathroom spa ideas or a dream home bathroom, any homeowner would be proud as a peacock to own!

Consider the following hot new trends in home bathroom remodeling ideas:

  • The eye may be the window to the soul, but bathroom window ideas are the bathroom’s soul porthole. Well-placed, creatively-designed windows can make the room appear larger; bring in natural light, and solar warmth. Trendy bathroom window ideas also add character and atmosphere to home bathroom designs.
  • Home bathroom spa ideas come to life under bathroom window ideas like skylights and roof windows. Both provide unique ventilation. Skylights can really light up a small bathroom design.
  • Current home bathroom remodeling ideas highlight energy efficiency. Select materials and models of features that tout energy efficient attributes, such as minimal energy consumption and high insulation rating.
  • One hot trend for high-end bathroom construction or modern home bathroom designs is heated flooring. Adding comfort, warmth, and luxury on chilly mornings.
  • Wall mount flat screen television installation is becoming increasingly popular for dream home bathroom design. Especially for home spa or master bathroom renovation ideas.
  • Hot new bathroom trends for high-end bathroom construction include multiple mirrors to create a captivating designer effect. Try combining smaller-sized mirrors in a pattern. Or create a reflecting wall mural with mirrors of various shapes. Mirrors in wood frames are also popular.
  • Speaking of wood, as new bathroom trends continue to embrace home bathroom spa ideas, home bathroom designs, in general, are evolving. Wood has become an integral part of high-end bathroom construction. Used in borders, to frame mirrors, tubs, laundry bins, and more. Wood features provide designer appeal. Wood in modern home bathroom designs looks inviting and helps to soften hard, echoing bathroom sounds.
  • Current home bathroom remodeling ideas for color include selections from the neutral family; beiges, olives, tans, and pale tones. When you think neutral, think natural, think earth.
  • Filtering showerheads are currently topped in hot new bathroom trends. Note: users of advanced shower head maintain they have supple, healthier hair with regular use.
  • Go green! High-end bathroom construction trends still embrace environmentally friendly green options in home bathroom remodeling ideas. Including low-flow toilets and sustainable building products.
  • New bathroom trends for home bathroom spa ideas include vertical spas with water jets. Water forced through jets positioned to focus on muscle groups provide a relaxing massage; for the ultimate home spa experience!
  • Modern bathroom tile designs are in the top hot new bathroom trends. Today’s ceramic bathroom tile ideas add interest and designer appeal to home bathroom remodeling ideas. They are cost effective – making ceramic tile a great option for bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget. Use decorative bathroom tile ideas for trim and backsplash, along with other materials; plastic laminate, granite, or marble. Use modern bathroom tile designs in a contrasting color for edge trim and backsplash when tiling walls. Create a decorative wall design or dramatic mural using colored tile. Or, set tiles diagonally for enhanced design. Consider colored grout (such as blue) for dramatic appeal, for white or cream modern bathroom tile designs. Unglazed modern bathroom tile designs are perfect as a slip-resistant surface; add interest and a splash of color with strategically-placed artwork bathroom tile ideas as floor accents. Note: protect your DIY bathroom remodeling time and financial investment. Unglazed modern bathroom tile designs require more frequent cleaning. Always use quality tile and grout. Unless you are have experience installing tile, the services of a custom bathroom contractor might be best.
  • The addition of bathroom window ideas will open up the bathroom; provide natural light, and solar warmth. And enhance your home bathroom remodeling ideas. Select a unique style accent window for understated drama in a small bathroom design. Try a diamond, octagon shaped, or round window. Or select a striking bold window that allows the outside garden scene to pour into the room – butterflies, honeybees, and all! Select bathroom window ideas with stained-glass edging or a unique frame to enhance modern home bathroom designs.
  • Trendy master bathroom renovation ideas include the use of multiple types of light. Bright, natural light for make up application; softened dimmer-switch light for dream home bathroom ambiance and relaxation.
  • Sinks with designer, high-end bathroom construction appeal. Including metal and glass sink basins, pedestal sinks, and sinks with brushed silver, copper, or brass fixtures.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

There are two primary types of small bathroom design. High-end bathroom construction, or one requiring in-depth remodeling, calls for extensive work, time, and resources. The other requires simpler home bathroom remodeling ideas for quicker, easier results, with less financial investment. Whether DIY bathroom remodeling or bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, by a custom bathroom contractor.

Why not make your bathroom all it can be? If yours is a bathroom remodel Ideas on a budget makeover, or small bathroom design, consider the following:

  • Refresh and update your present bathroom with new, more modern home bathroom remodeling ideas. Replace old fixtures with new; stainless, brass or brush nickel. For a more seamless look, match fixtures; door and toilet handles, sink, bath, and shower knobs, etc.
  • Effective DIY bathroom remodeling tips include a fresh coat of paint. Select a color that compliments your large or small bathroom design. Lemon chiffon or soft mauve for a cottage style; fennel bronze or a relaxing earthy shade for spa appeal. Try Tuscan red for a luxury-hotel look or old-world charm, for your dream home bathroom design. Note: homeowner’s with bathrooms windows that get southern and western sunlight must choose wall color carefully. Very vivid colors could appear too extreme in natural bright light. Whereas eastern and northern exposure windows can make cool colors appear lifeless.
  • Modern ceramic tile home bathroom remodeling ideas require occasional maintenance; usually, annually. DIY bathroom remodeling efforts should include checking grout for wear and crack; re-caulk when needed. Check to ensure the seal surrounding the shower area and fixtures stay intact.
  • DIY bathroom remodeling with DIY bathroom storage ideas – use innovative storage bins, baskets, cubby holes, shelves, and cabinets for personal toiletries, hygiene products, and other items. For visual appeal, keep DIY bathroom storage ideas along one design or theme. Add decorative knobs or pulls to coordinate individual features.
  • New modern home bathroom designs in flooring? Bathroom tile ideas, vinyl, and laminate. Or use rugs.
  • Modern bathroom tile designs are great for a bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget. Modern bathroom tile designs are easy to clean. They are long-lasting, durable, waterproof, and are dirt and contaminant resistant. It is hygienic and non-allergenic. Ceramic tile home bathroom remodeling ideas are also affordable and can add drama or understated beauty to your modern home bathroom designs. The trick is in selecting appropriate modern bathroom tile designs. Most homeowners find the endless array of size, style, shape, and grade of tile options exciting, but overwhelming. Tile selection and installation is another area where DIY bathroom remodeling efforts should join hands with custom bathroom contractor services. A skilled contractor can install bathroom tile ideas properly so they look right, resist cracking and provide a tight, waterproof surface.
  • Color your environment! Modern home bathroom remodeling ideas include an updated color scheme. Use bright curtains, towels, vases, and other accessories to liven up the room; use sophisticated earthy tones for home bathroom spa ideas.
  • New bathroom trends put the focus on lighting. Consider installing designer light fixtures for a dream home bathroom feel; a softer, more relaxing environment.
  • A small bathroom design works best with multiple storage features to avoid clutter. DIY bathroom remodeling strategies that exploit DIY bathroom storage ideas and bathroom remodel ideas on a budget include additional shelving and over-toilet cabinet installation. For extra tight spaces, consider narrow vertical shelving, from floor to ceiling.
  • For small bathroom design or one with a country theme, try attractive tin or wicker baskets attached to the wall as DIY bathroom storage ideas. To hold rolled-up face and hand towels, hairbrushes and hair products, etc.
  • Many modern home bathroom designs incorporate countertops that run the length of the wall, complete with sink and storage cabinets. Great DIY bathroom storage ideas with an aesthetical appeal.

To get the biggest bang for your dollar, formulate a bathroom renovation checklist. A tool that will help you keep focused as you plan for your large or small bathroom design.

For an additional creative bathroom remodel ideas on a budget or home bathroom remodeling ideas, visit our extensive online library. Discover a wealth of professional remodeling advice, for free!

Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Trendy master bathroom renovations plans add pizzazz to existing space. Creating a more distinctive dream home bathroom design; one that is more efficient, and more uniquely you!

Consider home bathroom remodeling ideas such as enlarging existing space. Or give the appearance of more space using bathroom window ideas. A window with a view, or one that allows natural light and solar warmth into the room to make it appear more open. Both to make the bathroom appear brighter and roomier. Other bathroom window ideas include skylights.

If a home spa is part of your master bathroom renovation ideas, consider awning windows for ample fresh air circulation. Good air circulation will also reduce or even eliminate mold and mildew problems.

For the optimal dream home bathroom idea, install a high bank of electronically controlled awning windows near the spa area.

Innovative home bathroom remodeling ideas include grouping various shapes and sizes of mirrors on a wall. A cost-effective way to create the allusion of more space in a small bathroom design, while reflecting light and creating an attention-grabbing focal point.

Other master bathroom renovation ideas such as a double vanity with a second sink will increase the efficiency and usability of the bathroom. And home bathroom spa ideas like multiple shower heads, or a luxury whirlpool bathtub, rank high on the hot new bathroom trends list. Either of these master bathroom renovation ideas will enhance both the efficiency and enjoyment of your master bathroom design. Note: It might be wise for DIY Bathroom remodeling homeowners to acquire expert advice from a custom bathroom contractor. To avoid miscalculations and improper installation techniques, resulting in damage to new or existing fixtures and features.

The Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Part of the purpose of a bathroom renovation checklist is to work out a do-able budget, one that is realistic. And then formulate your high-end bathroom construction, small bathroom design, or bathroom spa ideas around that budget. Incorporate into your plans the dream home bathroom designs that best suits the needs of you and your family.

Note: formal architectural plans will help you visualize your master bathroom renovation ideas or new small bathroom design. Many custom bathroom contractor or high-end bathroom construction professionals provide free 3-D enhanced pictures upon request.

Add a materials list to your bathroom renovation checklist. Itemize all building supplies, bathroom features, fixtures, etc. Include type, series, size, model, brand, and grade of each item. Specify the cost per unit, quantity required, and the tallied cost. Followed by the grand total for all materials required for your new bathroom constriction or dream home bathroom renovation.


State and local building codes exist for home bathroom remodeling ideas that entail knocking down walls or relocating plumbing. Such efforts also usually custom bathroom contractor services, and perhaps plumber services. Notations of these things should be added to your bathroom renovation checklist.

Research and plan for the bathroom spa ideas or modern home bathroom designs that will best suit your needs. For the best features and materials at the best price. And for the best custom bathroom contractor for the job! DIY bathroom remodeling projects also require a great deal of research and planning, if home bathroom remodeling ideas are to take shape and come to life.

After you have completed your bathroom renovation checklist and selected the right custom bathroom contractor, prepare for the anticipated high-end bathroom construction ahead of time. For example, cover carpeting with a drop-cloth, and remove designer area rugs so soil and heavy foot traffic won’t cause concern.

Note: have rags and old toweling available for dirty hands to keep soil transferal problems to a minimum. When working around plumbing, the DIY bathroom remodeling homeowner should keep plenty of old towels and pails handy, for run-away water.


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