How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The cost of bathroom renovations will depend upon the size of your bathroom, and the scope of the refurbishment involved.

Important: With so many different fixtures, fittings, and designs – from standard to bespoke – you need to consult an expert for the final price.

Pricing Guide:

1. For a very minor renovation (spruce up) which involves replacing all bathroomware, you would normally be in the area of $10,000

2. For a full renovation (but keeping everything pretty basic), you would normally fall in the area of $15,000 to $22,000 plus an additional $5,000 for bathroomware and tiles.

This would involve:
Laying floor protection throughout the house, fully stripping out and gutting the bathroom.
Treating all the timber framing in timber treatment, new insulation, pluming disconnected where it enters the bathroom and plumbed to suit new selected bathroomware, new linings, new floor to repair there waste pipes were adjusted, new tile and slate substrate, waterproofed floor, new kit set shower installed, tiled floor and half high walls, repair carpet where it enters the bathroom, new paint to windows, door and ceiling, all required materials, disposal of all waste, etc, etc.

Reducing your costs
The only way to really reduce the total would be in a DIY situation where registered tradesman aren’t employed, or if key items of the renovation were removed like testing for asbestos for old vinyl, timber treatment to all framing, new insulation, floor waterproofing, etc.
For a job like this the bathroom renovation main contractor would be employing and managing Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Waterproofing, Tiling, Plastering, Painting, Glazing and Carpet laying

3, For a mid-end renovation with a tiled shower you would normally fall in the area of $23,000 – $35,000 plus an additional $8,000 for bathroomware and tiles. This is allowing for all of the above along will recessed tiled shelves, under tile heating, etc.

4, High end renovations fall in the area of $40,000 – $80,000 plus bathroomware and tiles. This is allowing for things like silencers/mufflers on the extractor to remove sound, extractor grille plastered into ceiling, copper pipework, high end feature lighting, tiled ceiling, low iron glass (which is crystal clear), multiple shower heads and body jets, bluetooth ceiling speakers, etc.

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